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Social Cub aims to connect parents, kids and local businesses through creative playdates (aka socials). Social Cub is a member-driven website that empowers families to get out, stay connected, and be social. Parents navigate within a whole world of unknowns. A world that revolves around playdates, nap schedules, tantrums, spilt milk, potty breaks, doctor appointments and a plethora of variables.

Social Cub parents crave socialization and know the benefit activities have for their Cubs and themselves. Our desire is to connect parents and kids with common interests. The goal of this connection is to help provide fulfilling, adult relationships and to nurture budding childhood friendships through exciting events that build memories, enter Social Cub. We don’t want to just be a parent meet-up site. We want to encourage parents to enjoy unique socials and help drive their creativity with social inspiration.