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Fall Place Settings to encourage creativity

With Thanksgiving approaching, check out these Fall place-setting ideas for the kid’s table. Day’s With Grey shares 5 Fall Place Settings that will encourage creativity!   5 Fall Preschool Place-settings That Will Encourage Creativity My favorite preschool suggestion is the idea of...
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Travel Necessities #Cublife

Booking Flight: The most important thing I’ve realized is booking a flight at the right time of day for your child is key. Is your child a morning person or evening person? My daughter is an angel on morning flights, but an...
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Dirt & Worms Your Kids Can Eat

Digging in Dirt with Squirmy Worms!  There is something wildly entertaining to children about digging in dirt. Maybe it’s getting their hands messy or maybe it’s the mystery of what they will find. This activity was inspired by a daughter’s love for...
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Mad Scientist Playdate!

MAD SCIENTIST PLAYDATE! Halloween is right around the corner so we decided to come up with a playdate that was creative, gooey, slimy, and messy! This mad scientist playdate will allow your little one’s to explore their senses and work on fine...
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Social Break:: Make an Album

It’s amazing how pictures really do tell a story. You can take a look at a picture of the first time your cub walked, the first time they ate solids, and even the first time they had a friend over and immediately...
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Little Foodies

I am a self-proclaimed foodie that loves to experiment in the kitchen. I have to be honest, finding ways to get my daughter to have the same appreciation for food is sometimes a struggle! She will look at an olive and make it...
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National Dessert Day the Cub way

Dessert lovers unite! October 14th is National Dessert Day! Grab your cubpanions to enjoy a sweet treat. As if they won’t get enough sweets with Halloween approaching, right?! We’ve created a healthy, cub-friendly recipe that cubs are sure to love and parents...
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Social Break:: Making You a Priority

Mary Davis of Mary Davis Fitness shares why making you a priority is important. She wrote this shortly after having her daughter and shares some tips for balancing motherhood and responsibilities by planning ahead and taking “me” time when needed. A lot...
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