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Boo-tiful Count Up Activity from Days With Grey

This boo-tiful count up activity by Days With Grey is a spooktacular way to get your cubs counting just in time for Halloween. Grab a group of friends and set up this activity for an educational and fun social.

One common challenge I experience with my preschooler is him asking me to “show him how”. Where this inquiry is completely age appropriate, I also have to allow him to direct his own learning.

Now, we all know Preschoolers are fully capable of doing what they think is best. Why won’t it work the same with educational games? Perhaps it is because they are used to us (guilty as well) telling them what to do or how to do it.  It won’t change overnight, but let’s start providing options and engaging more as a facilitator.

So here is one way you can encourage your preschooler to take the lead on learning.

For this activity, I provided two manipulatives and watched Grey think about which one he should use. Both activities touch on many Kindergarten math standards such as, by Kindergarten children will be asked to understand the relationship between numbers and quantities; connect counting to cardinality.

First, my preschooler chose to place the numbers with the matching ghost. When he began, I took away the eyes. Too many options can overwhelm and distract a preschooler.


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