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Create your own newborn shoot!


Aimee is a wife, a mother of two, and loves capturing special moments that will tell your story for a lifetime. When Aimee had her son Holden she couldn’t stop taking photos ofstatic1.squarespace him and over time she realized what started as a mom obsessing over her beautiful new baby had turned into a true passion. Aimee spent time taking classes and fine tuning her photography skills and soon her passion turned into a career in Photography.  Now she shares with us some simple tips on creating your own newborn session so you can hold on to your own special moments for a lifetime!

Aimee will be in Atlanta October 13-18, so reach out to her about setting up a family session just in time for Christmas Cards! Don’t forget to share our post on social media and be entered to win a mini family session during these dates (Atlanta residents only)

Creating a newborn session:

  • Pick a location, date and time.
  • Have your spouse or friends come (you can help each other take pictures of each others kids/babys. Make it a playdate!)

What you’ll need:

  • Blankets, fabric, headbands, props
  • White noise
  • Warm air
  • Within the first two weeks (if you are doing a newborn session)
  • DSLR Camera, put it on a Low F stop (Click Here for F stop explanation)

A few tips for your own Newborn Photo Shoot

Having a new baby, either 1st or 5th is always an exciting time. There’s nothing as scrumptious as those little baby hands and toes, and the newborn smell. Naturally we want to document all of our babe’s first moments, but not everyone can afford to shell out a few hundred dollars for a professional photographer. Here are a few tips for a successful newborn shoot, in your own home.

Screen Shot 2015-08-22 at 5.03.46 PM

Make it comfortable for baby

Babies like to be warm, and most prefer the safe feeling of being swaddled. Make sure to set your house, or the room you will use to a comfortable warm temperature for the baby. White noise isn’t always necessary, but pretty helpful. There many free white noise apps that can be easily downloaded to play some soothing and calm music.



Lighting is the most important aspect, and by lighting I mean natural light. The airy clean white and bright images are almost always achieved by using the sun’s natural light. In fact I don’t encourage flash at all with newborn photography. The key to beautiful lighted newborn imagery is to always have the natural light positioned to the babe’s face. So open all the blinds and shades, and let that natural light beam through the house.


Beds can make the best stage for newborn photos. Solid colors for the backdrop look clean and classy, especially a white. All those fancy poses can get complicated, and can sometimes be really uncomfortable for the baby. Its best to leave those to the pros. But keeping it simple and focusing on the babe’s details can land yourself stunning images. So with positioning, the key is to keep it simple and comfortable. Take more of a lifestyle eye to it and capture those moments.

Screen Shot 2015-08-22 at 4.56.52 PM

Camera/ camera settings

It’s best to use a dlsr, and if there isn’t one at hand, the fancier cell phones with insane built in cameras can almost always do the trick! Sure, your images may not look exactly like the pro’s, but you can come pretty dang close! Using a descent editing program or actions can always enhance the look of your images. Black/white images are almost always a complete save!

Newborn prop ideas and cameras we suggest! 

Pearl Tiara

This little Tiara is so sweet and perfect for a little princess!

Long cap

This looooong hat is such a fun prop for your new bundle of joy!

baby wrap

Wrap your little one up tight with these stretch baby wraps they come in lots of colors!

bow tie

Introduce your little man in style with this bow tie and suspenders outfit!


Want to upgrade your iphone or snap and shoot. This Canon Rebel is a great entry level professional camera that has all the features a professional uses.

Sony NEX

We love this camera because its compact easy to throw in a purse diaper bag but you get all the big camera features and you can change out the lenses!

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