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DIY Toddler Pumpkin Push Pins From Days With Grey

Beth from Days With Grey shares some fun activities to do with your toddler to encourage Fine Motor Skills and their Vocabulary. We love the idea of using pumpkins to get into the Halloween and Fall spirit!

Toddler Fine Motor Skills

Toddler fine motor practice strengthens hand muscles for future activities such as holding a pencil, cutting, and drawing. Exploring with toddler fine motor practice now, can also be essential for future preschool benchmarks later, such as drawing straight lines, 1/2 inch sized stringing beads, and  buttoning large buttons.

Toddler Vocabulary

This toddler activity also builds vocabulary. If you have a toddler from the ages 12-18 months, chances are that last Fall they weren’t able to comprehend words such as pumpkin! You are now introducing them to what it looks like, what it can feel like, and how to hear the word is used in a sentence.

I found this pumpkin in Hobby Lobby.

I did set out to find a pumpkin to drill holes into, but had no idea this particular brand existed! This pumpkin was even better. It is a carving pumpkin, that was very easy to carve. The brand is Funkins.


Funkin Pumpkin


Screw Driver



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