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Exploring 5 Senses

Sensory activities are a fun way to engage  your young child’s five senses through touch, smell, sight, taste, and hearing. Some of my favorite childhood memories are associated with my senses. I remember roasting marshmallows around a campfire at summer camp and the distinct smell and taste. I remember singing and dancing to Britney Spears around the pool with my best friends during the summer and choreographing what we thought were the best moves! It’s amazing how your brain is able to recall familiar experiences triggered by your senses and bring you back to a very special memory.
Below are a few activities my daughter enjoys. Hopefully these will inspire you to gather some friends for a social that appeals to their senses.


Here are a few sensory activities my daughter enjoys:

  1. Play with Dirt- Grab some shovels and buckets and let them dig away!
  2. Make a Beach Sensory Bin- Fill a bin or bucket with water & a few drops of blue food coloring. Add some rocks, plastic boats, and shells.
  3. Have a Concert-Turn on some music and let them play with instruments. Let them sing along or play music along with the beat. Make moves like clapping, jogging in place, or stomping and encourage your Cub to repeat.
  4. Make some Gooey Sensory Bags- My daughter LOVES these! Goo Sensory Bags
  5. Count Sheep- This is a fun and easy nighttime activity. Grab some cotton balls and count sheep. Listen to some lullaby music as you count cotton balls.
  6. Bake sugar cookies- Let your Cubs help make cookies. You can add food coloring to small amounts of cookie dough to change the color which is always extra fun. Bake the cookies and enjoy the smell and of course eat the cookies to enjoy the taste!


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