5 Fall Preschool Place-settings That Will Encourage Creativity

My favorite preschool suggestion is the idea of having “an invitation to create”.

This means that you (parents, teachers, caregivers) provide the materials and the rest is up to the imagination of the preschooler before us. Wonderful things happen when we take away the instructions, directions and regiment. Here, we simply provide them with art mediums and watch what happens.

So, I created these Fall Invitations to Create Place-settings to combine my preschooler’s two favorite things. Creating and snacks.

I start all of my preschool Fall Place-settings with Kraft paper. I love just about everything about Kraft paper. Specifically, the texture, durability, and color.

Here are 5 of my favorite Fall preschool place-settings that can be used for just about any occasion. Birthday, breakfast, preschool snack time at school, etc. They each include an art medium to inspire the “invitation to create”, along with a snack. (of course!)

Fall Colors

Puzzle Invitations