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Family Weekend!

I feel like we never stop through the week. We are running carpool to school and playdates, grocery shopping, cleaning, etc. and the weekends are no exception. Carving out quality family time can be a challenge once the weekend hits and you have all these to do’s you didn’t get to during the week, but quality family time is good for all! Your Cub will remember these fun moments with mom and dad so make them a priority when you can. We came up with a couple fun ideas to do as a family and some actually incorporate those weekend to do’s by making it fun so the little ones don’t realize they are doing mom and dads chores!


  • Picnic: Who can resist throwing down a blanket on a warm summer day packing a picnic basket, enjoying watermelon and other yummy picnic snacks (recipes to follow). Bring a kite, ball, or frisbee for some added fun!
  • Visit a local Fire station: What kid wouldn’t love seeing a fire truck up close and getting to wear a fireman hat? This is also a great lesson for child safety and teaching little ones what to do in case of an emergency. You could also bake something sweet and treat your local firemen! I’m sure they would love it.
  • Collect rocks: To my two year old, rocks are the coolest thing ever (and free). He loves throwing them into a pond or creek and watching them splash. We could do this for hours. We also like to collect rocks and paint them. You can create a little rock garden outside as well.
  • Local sports: Getting kids out and enjoying watching a game is always fun.
  • Cooking: Enjoy the nice weather and grill out. Fix easy recipes that the kids can help with or let them help you make sandwiches for an outdoor picnic.
  • Family game night: You’ll need to find age appropriate games for your little ones. I love Zingo for my two year old. It helps with memory and identifying objects and words.
  • Yard work: Still determined to wrap up some chores? Let your little one help by creating a new flower bed or vegetable garden. Take the opportunity to teach little ones about plants and growing their own food.
  • Car wash: Who doesn’t like to splash around in the water on a hot day? Get squirt guns out and make it fun and productive!


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