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Travel Necessities #Cublife

  • Booking Flight: The most important thing I’ve realized is booking a flight at the right time of day for your child is key. Is your child a morning person or evening person? My daughter is an angel on morning flights, but an absolute terror on evening flights because she is overly tired by that point and can’t get comfortable enough on the plane to sleep. I also always make sure I book non-stop flights.
  • Get a window seat: This is complimentary entertainment. My daughter absolutely loves looking out the window at clouds and seeing the blue sky. She especially loves when we get close to landing. She spots cars, buildings, houses, and it becomes a little bit of an I SPY game.
  • Bring a light swaddle blanket: A swaddle blanket can serve so many purposes while flying. If you are nursing, you can use it as a nursing cover. If it is cold, you can bundle your sweetie up. If your little one is sleepy, it can serve as a pillow. I always pack one!
  • Bring earphones and an IPAD or DVD player: As much as you’ve become accustomed to watching Dora and Bubble Guppies on repeat, the guy sitting next to you may not be so amused, so remember to pack headphones for your cub. Download a few favorite shows or movies prior to flying or pack some DVD’s. I suggest testing any DVD’s prior to flying to make sure they keep your cub’s interest!
  • Pack a change of clothes: Let me paint a picture- Johnny is eating snacks, sitting in your lap, watching a movie, and all of a sudden.. you hear a blowout. Then you face your worst fear, it’s on his clothes and yours. Pack a change of clothes for yourself and your child. You never know when you will get spit up, blowouts, or spill that juice they just had to have on your lap and theirs.
  • Snacks: My daughter loves snack variety while flying. I try to pack snacks that take time to eat. I’m all about challenging her fine motor skills! I pack Cheerios, raisins, wheat crackers, cheddar crackers, pretzels, and freeze dried peas and corn.
  • Bottle: Making sure your cub is comfortable during take off and landing is so important. I always pack a bottle and ask the flight attendant to fill with half juice and half water to encourage her to drink and try to keep her ears comfortable and, fingers crossed, free from popping.
  • Pacifier: I personally do not travel without one. My daughter is 2 and still is soothed by a pacifier. I want her flight to be as comfortable as possible so I pack a pacifier to calm her if absolutely necessary.


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