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Happy Earth Day!



When I was around 7 years old, I became obsessed with creating little clubs for my friends. I made pamphlets, created activities, and had a mission in mind whether it was saving the ants from water or helping the troll community (yes, the little plastic trolls with bright hair!). My favorite make believe club was called KFSE club (Kids for Saving Earth Club). We would talk about recycling, make mud pies, and pick flowers and re-plant them, haha, not really sure if that part was helpful or harmful, but when I was 7, I definitely thought I was changing the world one flower at a time.

Since today is Earth Day, gather your Cubpanions and show the Earth some love. Here’s a little social inspiration:

  1. Make recycling bins– Grab some large boxes, cut off the tops, and decorate or personalize!
  2. Create a rock garden– Gather some rocks, paint them, and make a colorful rock garden.
  3. Make pine cone bird feeders– Get some pine cones and tie a string or pipecleaner around the top. Cover with peanut butter and roll in bird feed.
  4. Go on a nature hike– Simply enjoy the outdoors!
  5. Plant a small tree– Go to your local nursery with your friends and pick out a small tree that you can plant together and call your friendship tree.
  6. Make seed bombs– These are a fun way to help the Earth! Here is a great tutorial:

Happy Earth Day!






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