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Host a Dance Party!


This week’s playdate is brought to you by new mommy Stephanie Magaldi.  She is the Development Director for North Atlanta Dance Theatre in Johns Creek, GA and founder of SCC Presents, a production, design, and special events company. If thats’s not enough, she’s also a licensed Realtor, located in Atlanta, GA. She’s going to share ideas on how to get your little one moving, grooving, wiggling, and giggling.



Host a Dance Party!

Pick a location, date and time.

Invite 2 friends and ask each of them to invite 1 other friend to join.

Playlist – Here’s what we suggest:

  • A Fantasy Garden [Produced by Ambassador, created by Rosemary Boross and Bruce Stephen Foster]
  • Any classical children songs
  • Any Disney songs/soundtracks

Dance Games – Here are some ideas:

  • Jumping over bean bags
  • Dancing with scarves
  • Galloping holding hands in a circle
  • Leaping over a stuffed animal
  • Freeze Dance!
  • Pretend to be animals: Fly around the room as butterflies/birds or hop & jump as bunnies/frogs
  • Princess Dance with crowns/wands or Fairy Dance with wands/wings (check your local dollar store!)

Host to provide snacks – Keep kids hydrated with juice or water and check out our Pinterest board for fun snack ideas.

Come with your dancing shoes and get ready to boogie!

Why this date is CUB tested and mother approved:

This playdate is a fun way to help your little CUB learn coordination and improve motor skills while getting lots of physical activity!

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