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Little Foodies

I am a self-proclaimed foodie that loves to experiment in the kitchen. I have to be honest, finding ways to get my daughter to have the same appreciation for food is sometimes a struggle! She will look at an olive and make it into a finger puppet. I’ll give her roasted asparagus and she quickly feeds it to our dog and then screams, “Penny ate it”! If I serve her plain Greek yogurt, she tries to paint with it and says, “look mommy, a ghost!”

Out of pure frustration, I started thinking of ways to incorporate new ingredients into her diet with a creative and kid-friendly twist. I hope these tips inspire you to incorporate new flavors, but please don’t be discouraged if it’s not a win with your CUB. Kids can be picky!

Here are a few tips from my DEN:

Sprinkles! It’s amazing how cool a yogurt parfait becomes when you top it off with sprinkles. I keep a variety of sprinkles on hand and put a few on unsweetened plain Greek Yogurt or toast with cream cheese for a special snack or breakfast. This is a fun snack idea for a social. Let your CUBpanions make their own yogurt parfaits or decorate toast.


Infuse water. Sippie cups make great water infusers. My daughter loves taking a sip of water and guessing which flavors I’ve placed inside. A few of our favorites are watermelon and mint (pictured below), strawberry and lemon, cucumber and mint, and pineapple. Place water and add-ins into a bottle and refrigerate overnight. You can also make a large pitcher for the family or group of friends. It will feel like a spa day every day!


Make a cheese “plate”. My daughter absolutely loves cheese. I simply use a paper lunch bag as the serving plate and label everything with a chalk marker, which you can find at a craft store. I explain to her what she is eating as she eats. We discuss her likes and dislikes. Semi-firm cheeses are always a hit like cheddar, Gouda, and provolone.image


Get a mini spatula. My daughter loves snacks that allow her assemble and eat her creations. I’ve found that a small spatula lets her easily spread ingredients on her own. Place some parchment paper down, grab a spatula, and let your CUB create. To make the process simple, I stick to 3 steps when picking a snack.

  1. Pick a base (crackers, bread, pita)
  2. Pick a spread (peanut butter or soy butter, cream cheese, hummus)
  3. Pick a topping (strawberries, cucumbers, peas)

Some CUBs may need your assistance depending on age and skill-set. You could invite CUBpanions over to create and eat snacks.


Have fun introducing new foods to your CUB!

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