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Little Hand Printed Stationary


I think it’s fair to say that receiving a letter on cute stationary makes even the most ordinary day seem so much better! Imagine sending a letter to grandma and grandpa, Aunts or Uncles, or just a simple thank you to one of Tommy’s little friends on his very own personalized stationary. Help your cubs create their one of a kind stationary with this crafty playdate.

Create your own Little Hand Printed Stationary!

  • Pick a location, date and time
  • Invite a friend

What you need:


You will need washable fingerpaint, 6×6 craft paper pad, baby wipes, and plastic plates


Let your cubs pick their favorite papers and paint colors


Have fun doing a few test hand prints on white paper to make sure you’ve got the print just right. They will love feeling the cool, bright, gooey paint on their hands!


Place your printed stationary aside to dry and wipe hands off with baby wipes between prints


Let your cubs enjoy their unique stationary and write a message that comes from their heart!

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