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Location, location, location

LOCATION    We have all heard the saying, “location, location, location”. Use the same rule of thumb when planning a social. Location is important!

Picking a location should be based on 3 factors:

  1. Group size
  2. Weather/season
  3. Area of town

Group Size Large group? Meet at a park for a nature hunt. Medium group? Grab your friends and their CUBs to meet at your favorite Pizza restaurant for a father and son pizza night. Small Group? Invite them over to enjoy an If you Give a Dog a Donut social (or book of choice social) and make donuts and read the book.

Weather/ Season The last thing you need is 5 toddlers tracking mud into your house on a rainy day. Just picture the MUD everywhere! Try picking an indoor play gym or meet at a local bookstore.

Area of town is really just a courtesy to your friends. No one wants to sit in 5 o’clock traffic going into the city on a Friday with a fussy toddler or drive 30 minutes away if working around a feeding schedule. Think about a location that makes sense for the entire group.


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