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Monogrammed Baby Gift Guide by Sew Southerland


If you haven’t checked out Sew Southerland, you need to! Julia Southerland creates unique monogrammed items for the entire family. Whether you’re wanting a football game day dress, a paisley burp cloth, or a cute Halloween onesie, she has you covered with her creative designs.

Julia Southerland of Sew Southerland:

I am a stay-at-home mom and entrepreneur from Atlanta, GA.  I have always enjoyed sewing, crafts, and fashion. After the birth of my baby boy in 2014, I started making and monograming items that inspired me to share with others. I created an Etsy site as a perfect marketplace to grow my business while being able to stay at home with our son. It brings me great joy to make custom gifts for precious little babies and children. It is so much fun and the fact that I can do it from my home makes it all worth while.

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Monogrammed gift picks by Sew Southerland:

1. Hooded towel– keep cubs warm and snug with their very own custom towel order here


2. Burp Cloth sets– A necessity for every new mom! Nothing is worse than having spit up all over your shirt, going out to run errands, and not noticing until getting back home.
Boy: order here
Girl: order here


3. Bloomer bib set– little ones can never have too many bibs.
order here


4. Infant Gowns– When you are doing several diaper changes throughout the day and night, these gowns make it super simple to make the change.
Girl: order here
Boy: order here


5. Lovie blanket– since most doctors advise that little ones shouldn’t sleep with blankets, lovies are a great for them to feel cozy.
order here


6. New baby gift sets– ordering one of these adorable sets takes the guess work out of picking the right items
Girl: order here
Boy: order here


Visit her Etsy Shop and use Etsy discount code for Social Cub audience 10% off. Code is: CUB10

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