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Morning sickness… the good, the bad, the reality.

Morning sickness… the good, the bad, the reality.

Most of us mommas have experienced it, morning sickness. You hear about it before you get pregnant and you think it won’t be me until that fateful morning where you wake up and it takes over your body and you have lost total control. Try adding a toddler to the mix.

I have recently been blessed to be pregnant with baby number 2 and just like baby number 1, this one isn’t cutting me any breaks. At least they are consistent Right??? I’ve done some searching online on how to stay focused and keep my little guy entertained while I take care of me and baby at the same time. I should also say some days are definitely better than others and some days a little extra tv or ipad time is what I resort too. But I do my best!

My must haves! These are the items I stock up on to get me through those nauseous moments. For me, food is a crutch to keeping nausea at bay and my OB warned that this also leads to more weight gain. She was right. I gained close to 60 lbs with my first because I ate my way through my nausea with carbs. But not all my snacking was terrible and with this one I think I’m more prepared. Small meals. I find eating smaller, more consistent meals seems to help too and incorporating more protein. I can’t always stomach the protein but I notice that I feel much better when I do.

  • Ginger Ale
  • Saltines
  • Gin – Gins (They are a ginger hard candy)
  • Tea: Now there are some say that herbal teas aren’t FDA approved but Peppermint or a menthol based tea has been said to be ok and sometimes I just need something warm and soothing (I recommend asking your OB if this is ok)
  • PSI Bands: These are anti nausea bands
  • Water: I stay as hydrated as much as I possibly can
  • Fruit: I try to keep fruit pre-cut in the fridge so I can just grab it when hunger strikes

REST! This is definitely easier said than done if you are dealing with a toddler. They don’t understand what you are going through so don’t expect them to cut you a break. Have a game plan of activities ready for them so you can maximize sitting and relaxing as much as possible is key.

Sometimes when you gotta go, you gotta go and when it hits, it will have you running to the bathroom.

  • Having snacks prepared in advance to hand your toddler and strap them down in a highchair will give you a chance to take care of business without an audience. Try to have a few toys for them to play with too in case a snack isn’t what they want.
  • You’ll want to rest and sleep a lot! Make use of down time by incorporating more story time into the day you can do this while laying and snuggling in bed. This will not only allow mommy to rest but your little one will appreciate the extra attention when their little sibling comes into the picture and they’re no longer the center of attention.
  • Make a fort. It doesn’t have to be elaborate and trust me, your toddler won’t know the difference. Pull out lots of pillows and blankets and use them as building blocks (and back support for momma). You can lounge on your pillows while your little guy’s imagination runs wild.
  • This one can be done while laying in bed or in your pillow fort. I love color wonder markers from Crayola. If your little one gets marker on your comforter, you’ll never know because the marker only works on designated coloring sheets.
  • Let them make a mess. If you need to lay down, then do it. Lay down in the middle of the playroom and let them have at it. Sometimes we just have to let it go. Toys can be cleaned later when you’re feeling better. Remember this is survival!

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