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Mother’s Day

mothers dayMother’s Day took on a whole new meaning when I became a mommy. Not only did I appreciate the growing pains my own mother went through raising my sister and I, but I got to celebrate being a mom myself. As my little one gets older, I love seeing all the crafts capturing his tiny hand and foot prints so I swoon over a craft that preserves these fading milestones. We put together some fun gift ideas as well as activities to do with your CUB on your day. Happy Mothers Day!

Mother’s Day social ideas

Gather the kids for a family activity that gives mom some special time with her Cubs.

  1. Grab some childhood videos and watch with your CUBs- Think along the lines of your wedding video, your husband’s 5th birthday party at the ball park, and maybe even that embarrassing dance recital from when you were 13.
  2. Plant a family garden- Go to the local gardening store as a family and pick plants, vegetables, herbs, or flowers you agree upon. Come home and plant as a family.
  3. Grocery shop & Make Dinner TOGETHER!- Allow mom a night off from cooking. Plan a menu as a family. Maybe pick a theme such as Night in Italy and make pasta, Italian bread, and a tasty dessert OR do a breakfast in bed theme and make pancakes or waffles and watch a movie while eating together in bed.
  4. Have a family spa party. Grab a variety of all natural face masks, cut cucumbers for the eyes, and turn on some soothing music. Enjoy relaxing and creating a lasting memory!
  5. Dance the Night away- Go to your local dollar store and grab some glow in the dark necklaces, music shakers, and plastic blow up guitars. Turn on some 80’s music and throw a family dance party! Picture a little “We are Family” by Sister Sledge in your near future!


Sentimental gift ideas



We love these stemless wine glasses for many reasons. One, what momma doesn’t like a glass of wine from time to time but the added sentimental touch makes these even better with the birthdate of each child etched onto them.





This is a sweet and customizable bracelet moms will LOVE! How many peas are in your pod? These retail for about $35 making these very affordable and something moms will love.






This is a great stackable bracelet that sends such a warm message to moms. She will truly know she is loved and appreciated when she sees this.





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