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Plan Ahead. Stay Ahead. Post Baby Fitness!


At 38 weeks pregnant with her first baby, Mary Davis is preparing for the workout of her lifetime. As a Lululemon Athletica Ambassador, a spin instructor and a full-time technical recruiter, Mary is used to juggling a lot of responsibilities, but with the birth of her daughter approaching this month, she is ready for the ultimate challenge in time management.

“Mary’s motto is: Plan Ahead. Stay Ahead.”Mary-Davis-logo

In the last month of her pregnancy, she has spent her free time making healthy freezer meals for her and her husband to have on hand post baby. She jokes that her husband Justin, a football coach at the Naval Academy, bought her an extra freezer as an early push-present. She’s not complaining though. She is excited to have over 20 dinners prepared for those nights where cooking is the furthest thing from their minds.

Mary’s pregnancy was pretty easy, and she still maintains her high level of exercise, which includes 6 hours of intense cardio and 4 hours of weight lifting each week. She knows that this reality is about to change, and while she plans to continue to teach 4 spin classes each week at 24 Hour Fitness in Annapolis, she will have to modify her gym schedule and make better use of her free time in the near future.

Check out Mary’s ideas on how to have a fitness-themed playdate, so you too can sweat off that baby weight while spending some much-needed time socializing with friends.

Think HILLS.           

Find a neighborhood with some massive hills in it, or use your town’s favorite scenic bridge as a meeting spot for your next playdate. Take turns alternating sprints and lunges up and down the hill while you partner watches the little ones, then tag her at the bottom, and she’s up!

Example: sprint up, walk down, lunge up, walk or run down, tag, rest, and repeat.

Make the most of that extra baby weight.

Bodyweight exercises are excellent options and provide amazing benefits. Plus they’re free – no equipment needed! If you’re still carrying around an extra few pounds from the baby, use it to your advantage. Meet up with your partner at a local playground or park and crank up the tunes while you try this bodyweight circuit. Perform 3-4 sets with little between exercises. Rest for 60 seconds after each set.

50 jumping jacks, 25 squats, 15 push-ups, 30 lunges (15 each leg), 30 bicycle crunches, 60-second plank hold. Modify as needed.

Blaze some new trails.

Meet with your partner at your local bike trail, and powerwalk or run your way through your morning. If you both are at the same fitness level, then consider training for a running race together. There are many free programs available online that can help you train to run a 5K, starting from any level. If you are training with a stroller to start, think of how much easier race day will be when you aren’t pushing 15, 20, or 30 POUNDS in front of you!

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