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Sensory Play Date with JoJo!

Johanna Thibodeaux lives in Atlanta and is a nanny that has worked with several families in the Buckhead/Brookhaven area. She attended Georgia Perimeter College and majored in Early Childhood Education. In 2012, she moved to Indiana and taught preschool using the Creative Curriculum for almost a year before moving back to Atlanta and becoming a full time nanny. Johanna was a nanny for one of Social Cub’s co-founders for over a year. She loves working with young children to expand their cognitive and social development, and of course to just have fun. Her energy is contagious! She really enjoys working with arts and loves teaching it to kids. She is currently working as a nanny and looks forward to teaching again soon.


Sensory Bottle

Create your own sensory bottle play date!

  • Pick a location, date and time
  • Invite 2 friends and ask each of them to invite 1 other friend to join.

Grocery List:

  • Empty plastic bottle (water bottle, soda bottle, even a disposable formula nurser for a travel size!)
  • glitter, sequins & beads (all sorts, alphabet ones keep their attention longer!)
  • water, oil, and food coloring.
  • plastic bugs, plastic gems, and even googly eyes make for an awesome sensory bottle. Get creative!
  • “Older” kids (6+) may be more interested in a “Beach Themed” bottle with “hidden treasure”. Just use sand, little shells and pebbles, and tiny objects like army men/Barbie stuff, jewelry, coins and toy fish! Remember to create a list of all your treasure before you bury it!
  • A hot glue gun to permanently seal the bottle
  • Come prepared to make your own science-y sensory bottle! Remember, this activity is going to allow you and your child to have lots of creative fun, and expand your child’s creativity, curiosity, and conversation. Take your time and enjoy creating!
  • Play some music to get the creative juices flowing! Try some cool lounge music on Pandora, or the score to your favorite kids movie! (Wall-E has a great one!)

Why this date is cub tested and mother approved:

At every age, children are exploring the world around them. It is important that parents and caretakers alike aim to stimulate a child’s mind. By creating and using these sensory bottles, with and for even your youngest child, you are sparking their interest and imagination. You’d be surprised how much MORE a 3 year old can say when he and his friend are showing off their homemade sensory bottles.
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