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Social Break:: Make an Album

Happy family reading book.Watching photo album

It’s amazing how pictures really do tell a story. You can take a look at a picture of the first time your cub walked, the first time they ate solids, and even the first time they had a friend over and immediately you are taken back to that moment.

I love looking at pictures with my daughter and discussing these memories now that she is old enough to understand. She appreciates the pictures and says stuff like “what was I eating?”, “who is that friend”, and “look at me walking!”. By her asking questions, I’m able to share with her the significance behind each picture.

There is something very relaxing and fun about putting together a photo album. Print some pictures and head over to your local craft store and let your cub pick out some stickers and paper to customize their album. They will enjoy sharing their creation with their friends the next time they come to play!

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