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Spring Social Inspiration

The sun is shining, birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, and your Cub is ready to get outside and play! Spring has finally arrived and here is some Spring Social Inspiration.

  • Car Wash Social- Invite some friends over for a car wash and ask them to bring along their favorite toy car or wagon. Grab some bubble bath bubbles, buckets, and a few sponges from your local Dollar store and get scrubbin’!
  • Popsicle Social- Meet at a playground and bring some popsicles for an extra cool social your Cubs will love.
  • Nature Hunt Social- Head to a local park and walk the trails. Print a key word list ahead of time with things you’d find on a nature hunt like sticks, leaves, bugs, and flowers.
  • Outdoor Reading Social- Is it a beautiful day? Find a nice shaded area, bring a blanket and some pillows, and set up an outdoor reading social for your Cubpanions. Don’t forget the snacks!
  • Have a Ball Social- Ask your Cubpanions to bring over a few rubber balls and have a ball of a social in your own backyard.
  • Muddy Masterpiece Social- Sounds a little gross and isn’t really beautiful, but sure is a lot of fun! Grab some colored paper, paint brushes, a few bowls or cups for mixing, and water. Mix a little dirt with water and start painting a muddy masterpiece.
  • Chalk and Talk Social- Get some chalk, grab some friends, find a sidewalk, and enjoy coloring and chatting with your friends.

Print our Spring Social Suggestions and hang in your Cubs room or by your desk as a reminder of fun social activities for Spring! We hope these inspire you to get out and be social.



These Cubs are washing their cars at their Car Wash Social



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