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Dirt & Worms Your Kids Can Eat

Digging in Dirt with Squirmy Worms! 

There is something wildly entertaining to children about digging in dirt. Maybe it’s getting their hands messy or maybe it’s the mystery of what they will find. This activity was inspired by a daughter’s love for digging in the dirt and her actually attempting to eat the dirt. YUCKO! We love this idea because if they do want to taste the dirt, it makes for a yummy and fun snack too!

Squirmy Worm Social!

  • Gather some Cubpanions & provide the following:

What you need:

Crush up graham crackers to look like dirt and place gummy worms in the dirt. Let your little ones dig around as they work on placing them in a cup or foam flower pot. They can even practice their counting and colors with the squirmy worms! The best part about the dig is they can eat the worms and dirt after if they’d like.


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