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ST. Paddy’s Day the CUB way!


St. Patrick’s Day is Thursday, March 17.

With St. Patrick’s Day quickly approaching, this is a great week to throw a themed social for your CUBpanions. What comes to mind? Green, Rainbows, Gold, Lucky, 4 leaf clovers, Lucky Charms, Scavenger hunts. Gather a group to share in the fun!

Here are a few St. Patrick’s Day Social ideas:

1) Little Leprechaun Luncheon- Grab your CUBpanions, dress in green, and meet at your favorite Irish Restaurant for fish and chips or your favorite Irish grub.

2) Pinch me, my hands are Green Social- Gather a group of friends and have fun with green finger paint while making 4 leaf clovers.

3) Colors of the Rainbow Social- Fruit can make the most beautiful rainbow of all. Gather your friends for an educational and nutritious playdate as you learn about the colors of the rainbow.

4) Lucky Ice Cream Social- Ice cream and cereal? This must be your lucky day! Gather a group of friends and have an ice cream social with your favorite rainbow cereals as toppings-Lucky charms, Fruity Pebbles, Fruit Loops, and any other delicious rainbow cereal will do the trick!

5) Pot of Gold Social- Meet at a park and hide a pot of Gold chocolate coins. Go for a walk through the park pretending like you are a group of Leprechauns searching for a pot of gold.

6) Who can Find the 4 Leaf clovers Social- Meet at a playground and hide paper 4 leaf clovers. Have fun searching for the 4 leaf clovers! The CUB that collects the most can win a prize like gold coins, a rainbow cereal, or a green snack.

7) Leprechauns LOVE green Social- Invite your friends over for an everything green social. Decorate paper clovers, eat green Jello, dress in green. You get the picture!



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