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Sunscreen must haves!

Layer-68Before taking your kids to play outdoors, please remember to protect their skin! Protecting little ones (and yourself) from getting burned is so important! No one likes that burning sensation and itchy, flaky skin. As a parent, you also want to make sure you aren’t rubbing any harmful chemicals into your little one’s skin either. We did some digging on parent favorites for sunscreen that have also been tested for harsh chemicals and these are our top picks.

Alba Botanicals: I personally use this one on my little one and myself. It was rated a (2) on the cosmetic database. I like that it rubs in really great whether you use the lotion or spray bottle to make it extra easy to cover quick moving CUBs. It doesn’t wear off fast, but you do need to reapply if your outside all day like at the beach or pool. I will say, I don’t love it for the face. I have noticed it run into my little one’s eyes. I use a sunscreen stick (I’ll mention the brand below). It sticks on better and doesn’t run easily. I do love the price of Alba. Some of the more natural sunscreens come at a cost and this one is pretty reasonable at $6-11 online.  Lotion & Spray


Thinkbaby: I have never used this but several parents recommend this and love it. It was rated a (1) on the cosmetic database so it ranks high when it comes to being safe for your little one. For a 3 oz. bottle it will run you about $10 on amazon, so not bad on price. Thinkbaby lotion


Babyganics Pure Mineral Sunscreen Stick: This is another we have not tested ourselves but have heard great things about. If you’re looking for something for your little ones face this would be a good option. Rated a (1) on the cosmetic database, so safe from harmful chemicals. Will run you about $8 on Amazon.


The Honest Company Sunscreen:I know lots of parents that love this lotion. We’ve heard some of the reviews online about it not working or lasting but with any sunscreen, long periods of sun exposure means you HAVE to reapply!!! The Honest Co. works hard to make safe products and this one is no different as it was rated (1) on the cosmetic database. Will run you about $13 on the Honest site.


All Good Sunscreen: I have never used the lotion, but I use their stick on my little one’s face and have never had an issue. It’s very waxy, but rubs in and stays really well, so no running into their little eyes. Based on my experience with the stick, I’m confident the lotion would deliver equally good results. Was rated (1) on the cosmetic database. The stick runs about $4 on amazon and the lotion $13.





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