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Teddy Bear Tea Party


You probably remember your favorite teddy bear from growing up. This plush toy was always around to cuddle when it was bed time, nap time, or when you were sick.  This Wednesday, September 9th, is National Teddy Bear Day! Let your kids have fun with their stuffed friends and explore their imagination by staging a teddy bear tea party playdate.

Create a Teddy Bear Tea Party Playdate!

  • Pick a location, date and time
  • Invite a friend

What you need:

Bear Tea Sandwiches

  • Sandwich bread
  • Honey butter (mix 1 stick softened unsalted butter w/ 2 Tablespoons of honey)
  • Bear cookie cutter

Spread honey butter on the bread and cut into bear shapes! Bears LOVE honey!


This little cub is making sure her teddy bear friends are enjoying their tea party!


Delicious honey butter sandwiches

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