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The Nursing Mother


Too often as moms we find ourselves on an ever changing schedule and sleepless Harmony Logonights. Whether you are a nursing mom or pumping mom; you find yourself in a few predicaments.  I hear of many scenarios where moms are struggling with their journey in nursing and mommy-hood.  I could share many stories that you would find hilarious as well as those that you can relate.

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Here are few lines that come up often and personal experience. 

  • My milk has not come in yet
  • Baby is not getting enough
  • People are telling me to supplement
  • It hurts to nurse, nipple bleeding or cracking
  • Cannot find comfortable position
  • Waking without adequate rest
  • Pumping regularly for supply issues and for baby when away
  • Pumping in the car or awkward place or event
  • Son/daughter will not take a bottle
  • Son/daughter only wants mom as pacifier
  • And so on…

It happens:

Your entire body changes from mental, physical, and chemical.

Our bodies change in many ways from the obvious physical changes and not so obvious. And chemical level, we release hormones to establish breast feeding and to create a bond with baby by holding them close.

Did you know that when a baby latches on there is a signal in there saliva that tells the mother what the baby needs?

Forward head posture from always looking down during nursing admiring your child.


Rounded shoulders from carrying baby close and increase breast tissue.

Depressed feelings of being tired and stressed from lack of sleep, etc. create poor posture

The spine begins to change shape and there is loss of curve in the cervical spine which increases the weight the spine is responsible for carrying. Misalignments can happen here and the neck muscles begin to tighten. They pull on the base of the skull, creating headaches and even decrease range of motion.


Fun Fact: My middle finger on my right hand is literally sprained. Not from flipping off the world, but from strategically getting my breast out of my shirt for 15 months now.

Tips and things to look out for: 

  • Get pillows to bring baby to you vs. holding baby up with arms
  • Wear baby instead of carrying baby: Ergo and wraps are my recommendations.
  • Sit up with back supported
  • Find the right nursing position for your body type. We are all not the same size.
  • Speak with a lactation specialist. They can really make a difference in your success with nursing
  • Does your baby have a latch issue? Take them to see pediatrician for lip or tongue tie
  • Does your baby nurse only on one side? Try taking the baby to a chiropractor for examination. Torticollis could be an issue.  You can find local chiropractors that work with children by visiting
  • Birth process can interfere. Think about your birth was it long, many interventions, c –section?
  • Most common complaint for mothers is not knowing if they are producing enough milk for baby….you probably are, find a support group Le Leche League is a great start
  • Keep taking your vitamins. Find a supplement that is natural and whole food derived, not synthetically made
  • Water intake is crucial
  • Take probiotics, thru your milk baby will get it. There are baby formulated probiotics too ask your pediatrician what they recommend
  • Watch your diet and babies reactions
  • And do not give up!


For more information on breastfeed and the benefits of Chiropractic Care read the attached case study: 2015-1377_breastfeedingdifficulty

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