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Tips for Playground Success


“Mommy, mommy, daddy, daddy, come with me!” We have all been in that position when our daughter or son asks for us to join them on the playground and let’s be honest, who can say no? You might take them to the same playground each and every week, but the people there or the size of the crowd might change every time. I’ve learned from my daughter that new faces and larger crowds can be slightly overwhelming for a toddler, so I follow a few simple steps to make her feel at ease:

When I take my daughter to the playground, I do a few things:

1) Ask a friend to join. Sometimes having just one friend to tag along gives her a sense of comfort. If a friend isn’t available, we head off to make new friends!

2) I always tell her how important it is to make new friends and that she is good at it. I want her to have the confidence to meet new CUBs.

3) I try to look for parents with kids of similar age or skillset as my daughter. The playground is a great place to meet new parents, and how nice is it to find a friend that has kids the same age as yours?

4) Put my phone away. Seriously, going to the playground requires paying attention to your child. The last thing you want is for your CUB to leave with a boo-boo because they were climbing on a splinter-ridden bench.

5) Be her biggest cheerleader! I love watching my daughter go down the big slide with a smile on her face as I get to cheer her on. You can do it!

Another win-win for both CUB and parent!



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