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Turkey Day Centerpiece for the Kid Table

Turkey Day Centerpiece for the kid Table

Whether you are wanting a festive Thanksgiving centerpiece for the kid table or the adult table, we came up with a cute idea everyone will love. My daughter is having a Thanksgiving feast at her daycare, so I wanted something the kids could easily identify and learn about. A Pilgrim HAT with flowers. I remember loving carnations as a kid and just thinking the colors were so fun, so with this centerpiece, the kids will be able to take a few flowers from the top of the hat to bring home. Although kids will love the end result, this activity is a craft for adults because it involves using scissors and a hot glue gun.

What you’ll need:

  • Circle chalkboard- about the size of a dinner plate (our had strings which we cut off
  • Chalk
  • Small black lamp shade- you want this to be a little larger than a large plastic cup
  • Yellow and orange felt- make sure the felt sheet is long enough to wrap around the base of your lamp shade for a pilgrim-like band
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun
  • Carnations (red, yellow, and orange)

You should be able to find everything but the carnations at your local craft store. We found everything at A.C. Moore.


  • Cut felt to make a buckle and band
  • Glue around rim of the lampshade on the larger opened end and place band of felt down and then glue the buckle on top
  • glue the under side of the rim of the large opening and place down in the center of the chalkboard to make it look like a hat
  • Write names in chalk of the kids or adults at the table
  • Place flowers in the top





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