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Twist on the Classic Lemonade Stand

There is something incredibly nostalgic about a lemonade stand. I remember setting up lemonade stands during my childhood, making money, and asking my mom to take me to the dollar store so I could spend my earnings.

As the weather is warming up and Spring Break is in full swing, now is a great time to put a fun stand together. Although we love the classic lemonade stand, here are a few super alternatives. Invite some CUBpanions over, set up a stand, and let them unleash their entrepreneurial spirit.

  1. Movie Concession stand- Invite your friends and their kids over for a movie night. Let your kids set up a movie stand with some movie treats like popcorn, candy, and soft pretzels.


    This CUB is making sure her pretzels taste just right!

  2. Breakfast stand- Why not serve up breakfast on a Saturday or Sunday morning? Grab some bagels and orange juice and get your neighbors excited about the most important meal of the day!
  3. Dog Treat stand- Do you live in a neighborhood with lots of family dogs? Pick up some treats from a local dog store and set up a dog treat stand. Don’t forget a water bowl.
  4. Popsicle stand- Fill a cooler with ice and popsicles and sell some popsicles. This is the perfect treat for a hot day.
  5. Flower stand- Stop to smell the roses! Buy some colorful roses or carnations and sell them by the stem.
  6. Bake stand- Bake up your favorite cookies, brownies, and treats for a neighborhood bake stand.
  7. Juice stand- Who says you have to sell lemonade? Pick your CUB’s favorite juice or juices and let them mix it up and name it something catchy like Super Hero Punch! Make sure to clearly label exactly what’s inside their creation just in case someone has an allergy.

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